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Weaving human and machine intelligence to help deep learning teams reach production at scale

Quality Control
Product Tracking 
Inventory Management 
Object Classification
Label Inspection 
Packaging Inspection 


Quality Control


Our imagery data-based platform uses image recognition algorithms to estimate the impact that damage on a specific part of a product might have on the production line. BeeYard is able to analyse not only the kind of damage that the product has (crack, impact, painting, etc.) but also how much that damage is worth with an almost unmatchable accuracy.

By setting some standards, this application will showcase the number of damaged products and will eliminate them from the production line. Our application will help managers understand which is the root of their product's defects, and it can also be used to understand the cost of repairing certain product imperfections. BeeYard helps reducing the number of hours to be devoted to manual control while increasing the speed and accuracy of the whole process.

Product Tracking 


By tracking a certain asset during a particular process, you will be able to have priceless information about the performance of your asset. This application could be used to track in real-time a particular industrial production line and spot anomalies during the production process. Once the insights are analyzed, the route the product makes could be optimized.

The benefits of this platform are huge. By understanding the nature of the motion of a particular product, animal or person and being able to relate it to factual information such as meters, kilograms or exposure to a certain process, the whole production chain can be rethought and new production strategies can be thought of.

Inventory Management 


Managing an inventory can be a tough, tedious, and intensive task. However, refilling shelves, keeping track of excesses and shortages of products, and meeting the client's demands can easily be automated through BeeYard. By placing some cameras in key areas of a warehouse or factory, our platform will be able to deliver critical insights about your warehouse or inventory, such as shelves' capacity, the total number of products, free spots, etc.

With our anomaly detection system, we will also be able to spot and correct anomalies such as misplacements or leaks.

Consequently, your stock database will be updated with real-time data, and your inventory will be perfectly organized fastly and efficiently.

Object Classification 


Classifying and ordering products by size, color, and product type can be a challenging and exhaustive task. With BeeYard, any warehouse manager will be able to have a direct and detailed view of every type of product and its classification.

With this application, time and money will be saved, and the whole classification and storing process would be done in a more accurate way. Using this application as an assistant is a key tool for precision and the avoidance of human error. The classification can be as precise and detailed as desired.

Labeling Inspection


Labeling errors can lead to dramatic and expensive outlays such as regulatory non-compliance, wasted resources, and re-labeling.

By automating the whole labeling process, we will drastically reduce the odds of mislabeling and cut inspection expenditures.

But not only our labeling will be more precise and economic, but also be faster. By being able to read different kinds of barcodes and QR in a reduced amount of time, BeeYard will ensure efficiency all along the labeling inspection process.

Packaging Inspection 


The functionalities of an AI-powered application for packaging inspection are endless. From seal inspection, volume measurement, defect detection and label verification, all the (usually done manually) processes related to packaging inspection can be optimized with BeeYard.

With our platform, the aforementioned processes will be automated, ensuring the proper delivery of the packages in excellent conditions, regulatory compliance and an overall cut of costs in the inspection process.

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